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Bars, bouncers, bad guys and beyond

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Action Fighting Arts

Hi and welcome to Action Fighting Arts, a place where you will find professional and effective self defense and subject control trainings ideal for citizens interested in becoming safer, more confident in all situations, as well as law enforcement personnel who are seeking Instructor Certification and other use of force trainings that are highly researched and time proven. All techniques taught are medically, legally and tactically acceptable.

  • Action Fighting Arts will write your Lesson Plans, other training related documents, handouts
  • Action Fighting Arts will consult and advise your department/agency on your use of force, or, for that matter, any other type of training program
  • Action Fighting Arts will set up and operate your trainings and conferences;
  • Action Fighting Arts will perform Needs Assessments, research and consult regarding your agency and the use of force training program that is right for you.

Action Fighting Arts Teach Crucial Winology Skills In:

  • Simple, common sense and retainable skills in self defense
  • Highly researched techniques that are designed specifically for law enforcement personnel
  • Winology Techniques that are Legally (Court Defensibility), Medically (medically researched and acceptable techniques) and Tactically (skills that work under survival pressure against realistic resistance and attacks) Acceptable
  • Law Enforcement skills and techniques designed to win "on the streets," in the media and in the courtroom
  • Simple skills in self defense for non-law enforcement individuals against aggression
  • Significant reduction in Vicarious Liability for Law Enforcement and other agencies
  • Skills with a minimal chance of injury to the "attacker," but with maximum results
  • Crucial verbal tactics to establish Command Presence in any scenario
  • Proven skills and techniques for dealing with resistance from disruptive students and juvenile suspects
  • Proven techniques for safely managing aggressive emotionally disturbed people
  • Highly effective defensive countermeasures against aggression from close quarters
  • Counter Terrorism Researched Ground Fighting Skills and Techniques
  • Winology techniques against edged weapon and knife attacks
  • Self Defense For Women techniques and strategies
  • Strategies against sexual harassment
  • Crime Scene Security issues
  • Instructor Certification (PPCT) in Defensive Tactics; Spontaneous Knife Defense; S.H.A.R.P (Sexual Harassment Assault and Rape Prevention); The Collapsible Baton; The Straight Baton; Weapon Retention and Disarming; Pressure Points; G.A.G.E. (Ground Fighting); Violent Patient Management; Disruptive Student Management and Dynamic Simulations and Management of Violent Inmates.


Buy Hammer's 1st and 2nd of three books:

"Bouncers, Bars, Bad Guys and Beyond,"

Bars, bouncers, bad guys and beyond

A kickass manual on how to achieve professional True Power in alcohol-serving venues for bouncers, door-people, security police, and bar owner-operators. Check it out on amazon (Book) or (Kindle).

A guide of critical skills, tactics and principles that can keep you alive in the violent world we live in today

A guide of critical skills, tactics and principles that can keep you alive in the violent world we live in today. Check it out on Amazon (Book) or (Kindle)





Some of the Things Taught in AFA Trainings:

Knife Defense, Ground Fighting, Defensive Tactics, Self Defense for Women, Self Defense, Instructor Certification Training, Pressure Point Control Tactics, De-Escalation Techniques, Courtroom Defensibility, Management of Aggression, Crime Scene Security, Handcuffing, Combat Handcuffing, Close Quarters Combat, Tactical Breathing, Mental Conditioning, Subject Control, Security, Office Safety, Officer Safety, Bounty Hunter Training, Bouncer Training, Arrest Training, Student Violence, Bouncer Self Defense Tactics, Self Defense for Children, Entertainment Venue Security Training, Verbal De-Escalation, Use of Force Report Writing, Use of Force Continuum, Dynamic Simulations, Use of Force Lesson Plans, Violent Patient Management, Secretarial Safety Techniques, Weapon Retention, Disarming, Hostage Avoidance Techniques (HAT), Pressure Points, Defensive Counter strikes, Straight Baton Techniques, Collapsible Baton Techniques, Pressure Point Control Tactics Instructor Certification Courses, Inmate Control Techniques, Prisoner Transport, Joint Locks, Takedowns,
Managing Workplace Violence and so much more!!!