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  • "Harry is a great instructor. He is able to demonstrate the skills in a way that are both immediately essential and effective, yet easy to understand."

    Corporal Tim Stringer, Ferguson Twp. Police Dept., State College, Pa.

  • "Harry is among the best (instructors) I've seen."

    Tim Klamer, Butler County Adult Probation Officer, Pa.

  • "Hammer is very knowledgeable and always has something new to show, Harry is a great instructor! "

    Officer Chris Kaniecki, Mifflin County Regional P.D.

  • "Hammer is among the best instructors I have ever encountered. He is a pleasure to train with. Great use of war stories to clarify mental pictures. Awesome job this week (DT)."

    Officer Marty Bubb, Granville Twp PD, Pa.

  • "Hammer was one of the best I have ever met."

    Sgt. Robert Goodrich, Bridgeport West Va. PD.

  • "Harry did an excellent job (April 25, 2014, DT Re-cert), providing feedback and instruction in all DT techniques. Great training! Hope to see you in 3 years, Hammer."

    Bo Trawitz, Snyder County (Pa) Adult P.O.

  • "I'm thinking that there's not a use of force instructor out there who has half Harry's drive and energy. You can't help but be energized and motivated if you are in one of his classes. Awesome."

    Jon "JT" Ridge, Supervisor and Use of Force instructor, Washington County (Pa) Adult Probation.

  • "The Hammer is survival and combat training personified. He is totally committed and immersed in teaching law enforcement officers how to stay safe, how to prevail on the streets. That is why I come all the way from Australia to be in The Hammer's training programs."

    Christopher "Braveheart" Walker, DT, GAGE, SKD Instructor, Executive Director of Options-8