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Trinity Fitness Center,

Trinity Fitness Center,

My beautiful and wonderful people in my MAX Modern Warrior Self
Defense Program conducted Saturday mornings at the Trinity Fitness Center,
Easton, Pa.

Philadelphia Police Department

This is one of my favorite training sites (State College, Pa.) and officer groups, many of whom I have been training & certifying since 2006. Always happy to be training, always masterful. Presenting the graduating PPCT DT Instructor Class of March, 2017. Officers from Columbia County Probation; the Youth Training Institute of Altoona; the Mifflin County Regional PD; the Mifflin County Correctional Institute; the Butler County Probation Dept.; Penn State Criminal Justice Research Center; the Philadelphia Police Dept.; the Patton Twp. Police Dept.; and the Granville Twp. Police Dept. Outstanding Officers like these are why I keep doing this at 74 with a bullet.

Palmer Township Police Department

The Old Dog (74) still has it.  Harry Hammer pictured here at the Chrin Community Center on April 11, 2017with five dynamic local officers who are re-certified as Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) (GAGE)

Ground Fighting Instructors.  Slate Belt Regional PD (Moskella); Palmer Twp. PD (Lear, Smoke & Border) & Colonial Regional PD (Templeton) all excelled at my training.  Me, I'm in the middle with my always-present baseball cap.  These men keep you and I safe every day & I am proud to be pictured with them.

Harry the Hammer pictures with Lebanon County Probation Services Director Tina Verna

Harry the Hammer pictured with Lebanon County Probation Services Director Tina Verna.
Tiny looking good. Me? Not so much. This was taken after a week-long DT at the Pike County Correctional Facility earlier in 2016.

Ferguson Township Police Department Pennsylvania

Great way to end the 2016 training year at the Ferguson Twp. PD in
State College with this outstanding class of men.

Officers from all
over the state, including:

Front row, l to r: Shawn Slater, Ferguson Twp. PD; Ryan Ziegler & Ryan
Heinrich, LT(s) from Northampton County Correctional Facility; Mike
Morrow, Franklin County Prison.

2nd Row, L to R: Tyler Prisk, Logan Twp. PD; Zach Sayers, Center Co.
Correctional Facility; Douglas Wilburne, Franklin Co. Probation
Services;; Randy Gaugler, Berwick Boro PD; and Charles Zimmerman, Center
County Correctional Facility.

Several, if not all of the officers in this class told me they learned a
lot and had themselves a safe and fun time. I think that is a hallmark
of many of my training(s). Gotta be safe, gotta learns, and, by all
means, gotta have fun!


Several of the Pike County Correctional Officers at the completion of a PPCT DT Instructor Seminar, August, 2016.  That is me in the Mickey Mouse shirt.

Several of the Pike County Correctional Officers at the completion of a PPCT DT Instructor Seminar, August, 2016.  That is me in the Mickey Mouse shirt.

defense training

Demonstrating disarming a long-gun (shotgun) hostage-taker at a PPCT DT Instructor Seminar at the Ferguson Twp. PD.

defense training

An awesome group of officers earn their DT Certification in State College, Pa.

defense training

Six graduates of my December, 2015 (I recovered this from my “lost” files) at the Moshannon Federal Correctional Center in Philipsburg, Pa. 

training may 2016

Tina Marinari and me.  Tina is a veteran Chester County P.O..  Something like 22-years.  I rank her right near the top is skill and mental toughness.  Mind you, I am not saying right at the top of "female officer."  She is right at the top irrespective of gender.  Plus, she is beautiful and a wonderful mother too!  

training may 2016

Pictures from a DT Instructor Course in Coatesville with one of my favorite training teams in Pa., the beautiful guys and gals from Chester County Probation Services.  I am 73 and people keep asking me why I keep on training and training.  Just look at these beautiful, smiling faces.  This is why.

February, 2015, the outstanding and committed use of force instructors of the Lehigh Valley Health Network who are now also PPCT DT Instructors.

L to R: Anthony DeMilio; Jeffrey Engleman; Randall Achey and Jose “The Vargas Effect” Vargas.

Graduates of my first training of 2015, a DT and GAGE Re-Cert:

Another great group of officers.

R to L: Christopher Meehan and Bud Shull of the Wilson Boro PD; Chris Templeton, Colonial Regional PD (to the rear); Ken Brown, Lebanon County Prison; Eric Slovinsky, Indiana Borough PD; Todd Sherle, Johnstown Regional Police Academy and Josh JD Fraker, Southern University P.D., Chatanooga, Ten.

Fantastic Fighting graduates of my November, 2014 class in Bethlehem,Pa.

Kevin Lillis, Bangor PD; Beau Johnson, Williamsburg, Va,; Jonny Edelblute, NewtownPD; Kevin Brammeier, Williamsburg and William Marques, BethlehemPD.

Pictured from left to right are graduates of the May GAGE Instructor seminar at the Montgomery County Fire Academy:

Matt and Beth Bryner, Lancaster County Probation; Brian Dayoc; Harry Burke; Ed Walker; Ryan Volk and Joe Holman, all of the Montgomery County Sheriffs Dept., and Joe Bullick, Montgomery County Security.

Warrior-Graduates of our April Ground Avoidance and Ground Escapes Instructor Seminar held at the Chrin Community Center in Easton.

Stephan Wiltshire, Brett Lear, Palmer Twp PD; Chris Templeton, Colonial Regional PD; and Shawn Moskella, Pen Argyl PD

The Following three pictures are action shots from our GAGE Seminar at the Chrin Center in Easton.

These fine officers earned their DT Certification on March 21, 2014.
L to R, rear: Jay "Crazy Mother" Lazur, Northampton County Probation; Deputy Perry Taglienti, Berks Co. Sheriffs; Bernie "Big Burn" Milulski, Northamton Co. Probation; and Injury Prone Travis Souders, YTI Institute.
L to R, front: John P. "SuperJack" Bogan, Upland PD; Ken Gill, Philadelphia PD and Pedro "Pete" Ruiz, F and M College, campus Police Dept.

Another outstanding class. Lots of fun and even I learned a lot by listening to some of my students.

"March 6, 2014, the end of another terrific instructor (SKD & GAGE) seminar. This was a blast, despite the fact that my front tooth fell out at the hotel bar the night before while I was making a toast to the guys. Left To Right in the rear are Laban Betz, Franklin County Probation; Toothless Me; Bob Landis, Somerset County Probation; and Corporal Tim Stringer, Ferguson Township P.D. Kneeling on the left is Matthew Peters, Somerset County Probation and Doug "That's A Trick Question" Wilburne, Franklin County Probation, is kneeling in the right-center."

"Laban Betz deftly blocks a 2-Line Edged Weapon Attack by Matt Peters as co-instructor Stringer looks on during the second day of my SKD Instructor Seminar in State College, Pa."

Here I am (in baseball cap/shocker) posing with the new trainers from ODS Security Solutions, Raleighj, North Carolina (February, 2014).

New DT and VPM Instructors - as of February 14, 2014 - of ODS Security Soultions, Raleigh, N.C.

L-to-R: David Reese, former running back for Temple U; Chris Belden; James W. Hill; Lisa Terry, Director, and Julie Schenck, front row, to the right of Reese.

L to R: Phillip Kemp; Scott Biff; Sam Esposito; Christopher Komf; Russell Richardson and Dennis Shana Hamrick of Carolinas Health Care System's Training Unit in Charlotte, North Carolina, February, 2014.

Some various action shots from the training...

Here I am, pictured with my new protogee, Stephan Wiltshire, a young and promising martial arts and self-defense instructor. "Wilt" was a great asset at my first Kid Escape - Counter-Child Abduction -Training in almost a decade. This seminar was presented at the Chrin Community Center in Easton on January 25, 2014. A blustery and icy blizzard almost crippled the community that day (Saturday) resulting in a poor turnout. Wilt and I presented the seminar after the 6th child abduction attempt in the area over the past several months.

These wonderful and brave souls weathered the blizzard and showed up for my Kid Escape Seminar at the Chrin Community Center with their children.

Our last training of 2013, this one outside the Pike County Correctional Facility in Lord's Valley, Pa. DT Instructor Recertification:

Left-to-Right: Lt. Robert Serrano, Lt Todd Schweyer; Officers Maureen "Mo" Caplette, and Thomas Schwartz.

These outstanding correctional officers and trainers wish all of you a healthy and safe 2014. As do I.

Mo Caplette and Bob Serrano square off to deliver Fluid Shockwave Strikes to the big blue strike pad at the Pike County DT.

Big Todd Schweyer, a veteran correction officer and stalwart DT Instructor for nearly 17-years, prepares to drive Lt Serrano and his big, blue strike pad backj nearly 8 feet with a powerful Forward Fluid Shockwave Strike. Awesome.

Tough Guys All staring menacingly at me and my camera, these DT Instructors are finishing up their recertification at the LCESTC in Manheim, August, 2013. Left-to-Right, Officers Josh "Killer" Kilgore; Andrew Bedsole; David Covey; Chris "Braveheart" Walker, Options Eight, Sydney, Australia; and Charles Zimmerman, Centre County Prison. Some trainings, matter of fact, most, I learn as much as I teach. This training was such an experience. I learned a lot from these wiley and commited officers. Lots of fun, too, which is why I am still doing this at 70. Love it.

Hope to see you at one of my outstanding and professional trainings in 2014!

My last PPCT Instructor Seminar of 2013, this one ending on October 9. A DT Recertification. Lots of great fun and lots of serious learning, too.
Left-To-Right: All Chester County Probation & Parole Officers. Big Bruce McClure; Tina Shock Marinari; Jennifer Chadwick; Mark Gonsalves, Me (Is It Me, or am I looking chubby, old, and tired?) and John Morton, who snapped this photograph. I know I say this a lot, maybe too much, but, man-oh-man, what a wonderful group of officers and why I love what I do.

My last big training of 2013, this one at the awesome Chrin Community Center in Palmer Township, just outside of Easton, Pa. New PPCT DT Instructors, who graduated on September 27, 2013, include:

Front row, L to R: Shawn Mokella, Pen Argyl PD; Phil Bentz, Berks County Deputy Sheriff; Drew Devery, Lehigh University Police Dept.; Marc Weir, Northumberland County P.O.; and, me, Your Friendly Neighborhood IT.
Second Row, L To R: Craig "Chief" Bousman, Chief-Of-Police, Orestes Police Dept., Orestes, Indiana; Officer David Kokinda, Lehigh University Police Dept.; P.O. Matthew Narcavage, Northumberland County Probation Services; Officer Matthew Richardson, Cedar Crest Collge Police Dept. and Lehigh County Deputy Sheriff; Officer Brent Lear, Palmer Township PD; and Officer John "JT" Smoke, Palmer Twp. PD & Co-Instructor of this program.

"Another fun and outstanding DT Instructor Seminar, this one in Lewistown, Pa. These guys were awesome (August 23, 2013)."
Front Row, L-R: "Perfect December" Adams and "Bulldozer Ben" Adams, Moshannon Valley Correctional Center; "Amazing Amber" Snedecker and Hard-Hitting Michelle Snare, Huntingdon County Probation; Rochester New York & Blackhawk, Inc's Pamela Hasen and "Rough Ryan" Smeltzer, Mifflin County Probation.
Back Row, L-R: "Quick-Doug" Wilburne, Franklin County Probation; Nick "The Wolf" Wolfkiel, Host Officer; Lebanon County Deputy Sheriff Barry Stephens, the awesome 74-year-old never-give-up legend; and Zachary Albright, Mifflin County Probation.

Below are a few action shots from the outstanding August, 2013 Threat Pattern Recognition (TPR) and DT Seminar."

Doug Wilburne or Franklin County Probation and me after graduation from the Lewistown DT, August, 2013.

Here I am (I'm the Sweatbag in the hat) pictured with Dangerous Dan Solla, on the left, the head of Red Scorpion Training Systems in Pa., and Perry Harris, the author of several books, the latest of which is Rabbit Hunting, Uncle Junior and Life, what the first two taught me about the third. All three of us are at PPCT Headquarters, Millstadt, Illinois being certified in the new TPR (Threat Pattern Recognition) Instructor Program.

Me and the famed Little Joe, longtime PPCT Staff Instructor, at the TPR/DT Certification Program.

"Me and Monico:" Me, on your left and Sgt Mike Monico, Berwick PD, pose next to Black Bob, our vaunted training dummy, after our July 19, 2013 PPCT GAGE Instructor Training.

"Great Class Photo, Left-To-Right: Dave Stowell, Norristown PD; Mike Monico, Berwick Boro PD; Nick Wolfkiel, Mifflin Co. Probation; Eric "Slow" Slovinsky (holding the all-purpose kick bag), Indiana Boro PD; Kevin Solomon, Snyder County P.O. and Me (in camoflauge baseball cap). Stowell proved to be a ground grappling encylcopedia of moves, escapes, etc."

Eric "Evil-E" Slovinsky defends against a hard Low-5 Knife Attack on his way to earning his SKD Instructor Certification. Quick Hands and constant willingness to take care of business.

"Charlie Balon takes care of Evil-E's Low-5-High-Trap-and High-5 Attack. Nice."

Slick and fast Gary Purfield, Chester County, and Bloomsburg officer Balon take a much-needeed break.

"Purfield stops a mid-level tackle attempt with a double-suprascapular strike and an Inside Takedown (GAGE)."

"Grappling Whizzes Stowell (scissor-kick) and Monico demonstrate an escape from a Guard Choke (GAGE).

Snyder County's Pride, Kevin Solomon, seconds before he dumps Evil-E Slovinsky on a Top Mount Escape.

Despite a powerful choke from teh Top Mount, Solomon is about to be dumped (GAGE).

SKD & GAGE back-to-back can be tough, maybe even painful. But this Berwick (July 15 to 19, 2013) class was among The Best.

Class photo of our June 13, 2013 PPCFT Disruptive Student Management/Active Shooter training compliment. Fantastic Class!

Your Friendly Neighborhood IT (okay, the old guy) pictured with three outstanding Palmer Twp Officers, including Dave Daiello (on my left), Big Tyson Unangst (hovering above me), and JT Smoke.

Liz Piazza about to disarm "Active Shooter" Kaitlin Lutz's Shotgun in this Long Gun Disarming Stress Drill.

Teacher Scott Kupec prepares to disarm a hostage taker (PTPD Officer Tyson Unangst).

Officer Tyson Unangst prepares a Rear walking Hostage Disarm.

Officer Daiello and Superintendent Bill Haberle work on how to disarm a gun-toting (potential) Active Killer!

I cannot help it, folks. I gotta show you my grandchildren and daughters every now and then! This is a picture of my daughter Rachel and my grandaughter Katie.

Some more of my grandchildren... Andy, Riley, Hannah, Austin and Jonathon.

Your Friendly Neighborhood IT (red and black shirt) gets to pose up with Krische, Luise, and McGuigan. "These officers are first-class warriors, you ask me," says The Hammer. Krische, Luise, and McGuigan also particfipated in a PPCT GAGE & SKD Seminar(s).

L to R: PPCT DT Instructor Certification Training Seminar, Easton, Pa. Sgt. Kevin Krische, City of Easton PD; Pa. Constable Eric Ramirez; Officer Jamie Luise, EPD; and Officer Phil McGuigan, EPD.

Me.... Harry Wigder

The classy and tough graduates of probably my last instructor seminar in 2012, hosted by Colonel Corey Britcher of the Pa.Fish and Boat Commission in Newville, Pa. ending on October 18.
Kneeling, front row, left to right are: Don Fowler, Smooth Ray Armstead, Gernois "The G" Gaston, all police officers of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Williamsburg, Va., and, on the far right, Colonel Britcher, he of the brutal and impressive Angle Kick.
Standing in the rear, from left-to-right are Officer Charley Balon of the Bloomsburg PD, Ranger Richard Todd Martin (RTM), and me, your friendly neighborhood IT, on the right.

Once again, I had tons of fun training some great, brave, and honorable officers - men and women - in 2012 and I must say how priileged and honored I am to have maybe played a miniscule part in their training, their safety and survival.

Thank you all and I sincerely hope that I shall see you all again.


DT Instructor Certification Seminar in the Meadowlands of Pa., October 5, 2011:
(Front, L to R: Erik Parks, Heather Testa, Anson Zacour, Joel Walsh, all of Washington County Probation, and Me.. Back Row, L to R is Jason Brunetti of the Peters Township PD; Jordan Sweany and Joe Brownlee, both of the Washington County Probation Dept.).

Small PPCT DT Instructor Class? Yep. Big Warrior Heart? Yep Again.
Left to right: Stands The Hammer, Your friendly neighborhood PPCT IT; Sgt. Mike Monico, Berwick Boro PD; Shiny Black Tactical Ted; Eric Barnett, Mansfield U. PD.; and Chester County Juvenile P.O. Jill Adams.

The DT Recert Class in St Clair, May, 2012. Lots of fun for everyone. Jim Myers took this shot, which includes your friendly neighborhood IT. The same dudes as in the below picture, except for me.

Recertifying in St. Clair, Pa. on May 23, 2012 are:

Front Row, L to R: Ken Brown, Lebanon County Prison and Eldon Miller, Bedford County Probation.
Second Row: Host Officer, Sgt Bill Dempsey, St. Clair PD; Ranger Brian Price, Forestry; Jim Myer, YTI, Altoona; and Josh Fraker, Souther Adventist University Police, Collegedale, Tennessee; and in his own row, Big Dave Salzlein, Director of Security Scotland Health Care System, Laurenburg South Carolina.

Officer "Evil Ed" Slovinsky and State Police Instructor at Johnstown Regional Police Academy during Tactical handcuffing drills.

Officers Ron Szymborski and Chris O'neill pose unashamedly. "We're here to learn," Szymborksi kept saying.

A drill to hard wire the handgun disarm.

Graduates of my first High Risk Training System DT, this one hosted by the City of Bethlehem PD:
First Row, L to R: Officers Ryan Devlin, Lansdale PD; JRPA Instructor Todd Sherle; Officer Eric Slovinsky, Indiana Borough PD; Patrick Maczko, and Tim Cooper, Bethlehem PD.
Second Row, L to R: Officers Daniel Schmidt, Upper Southampton Twp. PD; Ron Szymborski and Anthony Marsaglia, Upper Southampton Twp. PD; Eric Schwab, DeSales University PD; and Christopher O'Neill, Warminster Township PD.

The handsome and physically gifted DT Instructor Seminar graduates, August 5, 2011, photographed at the Richland Township PD by co-host Lt. Michael McDonald, Springfield Twp PD:

Kneeling in front, Your Friendly Neighborhood Hammer (Instructor Trainer).
Left-To-Right Standing:
Co-Host Matthew Mergen, RTPD; Mark Klug, Body Guard & Security Specialist; Curtis Bunch, Phila. PD; Mark Compas, Tinicum Twp. PD; Stephen Dangerfield (JC Shirt) and Ed Lang, Philadelphia PD; Officer Jules Sepulveda, Springfield Twp PD; and Kristopher Baccari, Quakertown Police Dept.

PPCT DT Instructor Recertification Training Seminar at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, Manheim, Pa., June 21, 2011.
First Row, L-to-R: Joe Schauren and Andrew Hinkel, Lancaster County Probation, and David Bolton, Lancaster County Deputy Sheriff.
Second Row, L-to-R: Jarrad Berkihizer; Kevin Fry and Steve Owens, Lancaster Bureau of Police, and Ed Bruder, Director, York County College, Public Safety.
Third Row, L-To-R: James Carpenter and Michael Bradley, Lancaster Bureau of Police and Scott Siegfried, Delaware Valley School District Police Dept.

The hard-fighting, ass-kicking DT Instructor Class on Friday, June 10, 2011 at the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife, Law Enforcement Training Division Training Center, Jackson, NJ.
(L to R) This class was rife with knowledge and experience in MMA, the Martial Arts, and law enforcement training.

Sgt. Robert Robido and Lt. James Laler, Montclair, NJ PD; Quentin "Big Bear" Fuller, Warrington, Pa. PD; Sgt. Robert F. Reichanek, Ocean City, and a current contender for an MMA title in NJ; Charlie "The Real Deal" Magill, Cape May (NJ) Police Academy; and Lt. Mark Leonard, the host and coordinating officer, New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Division.

Below Officers learn to master the Quick Peek; Slice the Pie; Dynamic and Deliberate Building Entry at my Dynamic Building Clearance and Suspect Retrieval Training Program in Washington, May 12 and 13, 2011.

"Tough minded officers all, pictured here on May 11, 2O11 outside the FOP Lodge in Meadow Land, Pa. after completing their DT and GAGE Recertification class.
(left to right) Jon JT Ridge and Dan Clements, Washington County Probation, Gerald Maloni and James B. Stevick, Peters Township Police Dept."

This was a terrific DT Recertification training, May 4, 2011 at the Ferguson Twp PD in State College, Pa. left to right Tim Stringer, FTPD, the Host of the training; Bo Trawitz, Mifflin County; Josh Garver, Mifflin County Prison; Eric Norman, Mifflin County Regional PD; Tim Klamer and Robert Snyder, Butler County Probation. Front Row, L to R: Marty Bubb, Granville PD; Chris Kaniecki, Mifflin County Regional PD; and, of course, Yours Truly.

Your friendly neighborhood IT takes a short break from a tedious, back-breaking and violent "Bouncers, Bounty Hunters and Beyond" Training in late April, 2011 to pose for a pic. "Thought I'd give these two women a break. They probably never get any attention from older guys like me," the Hammer speculated to this photographer just before I snapped the picture.

"Members of the Carolinas Health Care System Security and Training Unit, following their DT and VPM Instructor Training: L to R: Scott Buff; Mike Rubino; Me; Sam Esposito and Matt "Woody" Underwood. Thanks to these guys my week in Charlotte was splendid. Great bunch of guys."

Pictured here following an Impact Weapon "Gasser" Red Man Drill on April 27, 2011 are graduates of the PPCT DT Instructor Certification Class: (L-R Rear Row) Big Greg Thomas, Washington County; Kevin Riker, Pike County Prison; Nick "The Stick" Wolfkiel, Mifflin County Probation; and Mike Farrington. (Front Row, L-R) Maureen "Red Man" Caplette, Pike County Prison; Jay Williams and Bob Goodrich, Bridgeport, West Virginia Police Dept. The site might not have been ideal, but these officers proved to be warriors. And Maureen Caplette really rocked!

April DT at the Dauphin County Work Release Center. Mike "Moose" Sedun to my right (as you it) and Charlie "Pain" Painter to my left.

This photo was taken at the Ferguson Township Police Department following an SKD and GAGE Recertification Training Seminar, which ended March 7, 2011. This seminar was probably too much fun to be characterized as professional, although I have been assured and reassured by the three graduates that it was " super-professional" and certainly not "slipshod," as I had jokingly characterized it. Pictured here are, from left-to-right, David "Brake-Rider" Meyers, Somerset County Probation; Yours Truly; Big Joe MacLaughlin, Franklin County Probation; and Tim Stringer, Ferguson Twp. P.D. Stringer is a real-life police hero and gunfight survivor, having prevailed against a demented assailant dead-set on killing him (Stringer), a new officer, and another vetreran FTPD officer only last year. Stringer performed a deft ground roll as the psycho's pickup truck barely missed him, took cover and fired multiple shots from both shotgun and sidearm, bringing the seemingly endless attack as well as the mad man's life before the latter could harm the police officers as well as untold innocent citizens.

Graduating DT Instructors from my initial class of 2011 at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa.
L to R, first row: Randy Jackson, Washington County Probation; Officer Jeff DePolo, Montgomery Twp PD; Officer Pedro Ruiz, Franklin & Marshall PD; Travis Souders and Ross Deck; YTI Career Training Institute, Lancaster; Brian Penderville and Stephren Joseph, Washington County Probation.
L to R, Back Row: Sean Burgoyne, Franklin and Marshall Police Dept.; Officer Jed Custer, New Holland Police Dept.; Officers Kirk Bedsole and Dave Cover, West Lampeter Twp. PD; and Jeremy Crow, Washington County Adult Probation Dept.
Another great class with a high spirited and action-oriented group of officers.

My last training for 2010, November 12 to November 14, 2010, Hosted by Jonathan Nicholas, Director of the Easton Emergency Squad, Easton, Pa. Pictured here are the graduates of the PPCT Violent Patient Management Instructor Seminar. Left to Right:
Rachel "The Stick" Shick and Stephanie "What's Happening, Harry?" D'Andrea of the Upper Bucks Regional Emergency Squad; Bud Shull of the Easton Emergency Squad; Robert "Big Bob" Norder of the Bethlehem Township Emergency Squad; Jack Scalice, Training Director, Calvary Hospital, Bronx, N.Y.; Harry The Hammer, your friendly neighborhood IT, in the red hat; GuyKuklentz, Easton Emergency Squad; David Work, Security Officer, Ephrata General Hospital, Ephrata, Pa.; Peter Rivera, Easton Emergency Squad; and Keith Snyder, Ephrata General Hospital.
These new instructors were involved in 2 1/2 days of iuntense scenarios, drills and lessons in managing disruptive, aggressive and violent patients in the hospital, clinic and other medical settings, including self defense and patient control techniques.

Your friendly neighborhood IT is pictured here between Chris "Braveheart: Walker, of Sydney, Australia. Walkerf is one of our most traveled Warrior Instructors (on my left), and Eldon Miller, a Bedford County Probation Officer who packs a helluva whallop. Both men, along with 6 City of Bethlehem police officers (not pictured here, but several can be seen on the previous photo) just completed a rugged "Warrior Week" combination of SKD and GAGE Instructor Training Seminars, September 24, 2010.

Graduating Officers from my September, 2010 PPCT DT Instructor Training Seminar hosted by the City of Bethlehem Police Department, including:
Left-to-right, Rear Row: Officers Brett Cole and Mark Finley, Chester County Adult Probation; Greg Shober, Shillington PD; Bob Urban and Mike Ogrodnick, BPD Training Officers; Michael Strauch, Hellertown PD and Roman Granados, Chula Vista, California PD.
Kneeling in Front, L -to-R are Chris Walker, Rail Corporation of Australia, and Shawn Rowe, Dauphin County Adult Probation Officer.

"DT Recertification, Practical Test, June, 2010: Fran The Man Presley "cleans up the mess" after a deft Iron Wristlock Takedown."

"Lt. Chris McKim is plu-perfect as always. Here he demonstrates combat cuffing."

"Officer Josh Kilgore after a clean takedown, just seconds before tactical handcuffing."

Seated Pressure Point Control Drill. Standing L-to-R: Presley; Mark "Deuce" Rettew; Elizabeth Fasnacht, Lancaster Adult Probation; and Charles Zimmerman, Center County Correctional Facility. Seated, L-to-R: Don Acker; Rodney Brown and Matt Bryner of Adult Probation, Lancaster County; Lt. Chris Laser, Lancaster Police Dept.; and Lt. Chris McKim, Ephrata Police Dept.

The Hammer demonstrates standing cooperative handcuffing.

Graduates of their June, 2010 DT Recertification Training in Altoona, Pa., from left to right:
Trooper Ted Goins, Somerset Barracks; Cambria County P.O. Toni Mognet; former Manchester New Hampshire Police Officer & current Plymouth College I(N.H.) instructor Tom Gallagher; and Ron Johns, Cambria County Adult P.O., Johnstown Vocational Technical College DT Instructor and former International Judo champion.

One of my fave classes of all time. Only 4 out of the original 8 students "survived" my April/May, 2010 "Fighting Arts For Women Self Defense Class at Northampton Community College. All four are panning for the camera, but, believe me, when it counted, all four were able to "Mad-Dog IT!" when it counted.

Panning for the camera here are the graduates of the April, 2010 Somerset, Pa. PPCT DT Instructor Training Seminar. Another great and fun training for everyone, especially this Old Dog IT; Standing Rear, Left to Right: Host Officer, Big Bob Landis. Somerset County Probation; Ed Walker, Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff; Matt Peters, Somerset Co. Probation; Aaron Thompson, Juvenile P.O., Sugar Creek Detention, Lodoga, Indiana; Joe Holman, Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff and Benjamin Mauro, U. of Pa. Police Dept.
Front Row, Left to Right: Ryan Volk, Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff; Lt. Karen Donmoyer, Centre County Correctional Facility; and Nathan Stohon, Cambria Twp. Police Dept., Ebensburg, Pa.

Straight Baton. Combat Ready Stance. "Holman, posied to Deliver."

Officer Ben Mauro delivers a nice Palm Heel Stun to Deputy Walker while Lt. Karen Donmoyer critques during Instructor Testing Drills in Somerset, Pa.

Holman critiques Matt Peters' Straight Punch to Nate Stohon during Instructor Triad Testing Drills in Somerset, Pa.

A much younger Harry The Horse Wigder, overreacts - as usual - to receiving his first of four Gary Palmer Sportsman of the Year (1987) Awards from the APTT (Alpine Professional Tennis Tour) after a great banquet at the White House Chinese Restaurant in Easton, Pa.

Easton, Pa.'s Very Best pictured here at the Wilson Community Center after completinbg their PPCT DT Instructor Recertification Training. From left to right: Officers Dominic Marraccini; John Piperato; Robert Weber; Lt. John Remaley and Detective Tom Beiser.

Harry the Hammer Golfing
Harry The Hammer is pictured at a mid-November (09) law enforcement golf tournament (outside of Pittsburgh, Pa.) seconds before launching a soaring and majestic 120-yard drive - with the wind, by the way - toward the green some 400 yards away (and downhill). Obviously, Hammer didn't get his name from the way he hits a golf ball. Maybe Hammer will see you at a training in 2010! If not, have a great year.

Too bad my camera is whack. A fuzzy photo of 6 of the graduating officers from my October, 2009 PPCT DT Instructor Training Seminar at the Pa. game Commission headquarters (Hbg., Pa.). L to R: Tough as Nails Bloomsburg PD Officer Charles Balon; Sensitive As Sand (I have no idea what that is supposed to mean) Washington County P.O. Anson Zacour; Kick-Ass Officers Kacie Gallick and Beth Cecchini (both of them rocked during the training), also of Washington County, Pa.; DCNR Ranger Brian Price; and Training Host Travis Pugh, Assistant Training Director, Pa. Game Commission.

At the Pa. game Commission DT Instructor Program during the Practical Test, Mandibular Angle Pressure Point.
More apologies for the fuzz picture. IT Hammer resolves to break down and buy a new digital camera.

Seriously, Dog, these two Washington County Probation Officers kicked ass for five days. Plus, hell, they're the cutest thing this side of a wicked Brachial Stun we ever saw. Kacie Gallick on the left and Beth Cecchini with an arm around her shoulder.

Back Row, L to R: Corey Britcher, Pa. Fish and Boat Commission, and probably the sweetest Angle Kick in most parts. Jimmy Smith, University of Pa. Police Dept.; Gernois "That's G" Gernois, Colonial Williamsburg National Park Police Dept.; Big Ed Hosler, Cluinton County Probation and Ranger Todd Martin, Pa. Dept. of Forestry. Ranger Martin turned out to be impervious to pain and damned near unaffectable by intimidation. Believe me, I tried.

Front Row, L to R: Donia Fowler and Ray Armstead, both with the Colonial Williamsburg National Park Police Dept., Williamsburg, Virginia. Finally, far right is the intrepid Travis Pugh, Asst Training Director, Pa. Game Commission, who must be commended for playing the unenvious role of my "Training Dummy" for all my assorted strikes, punches, kicks, gouges, occasional gropes and tedious jokes.

Thought I would add this last picture from the great PPCT DT Instructor Training I just completed at the Pa Game Commission (October 19 to 23, 2009). The guys insisted that I join in on one photo (I don't know. Maybe I insisted. Does it really matter?) That's your enthusiastic, sensitive, legend-in-his-own-mind Instructor Trainer kneeling in the front row, extreme right. Truly, this was a great week - tiring, sometimes frustrating, often fun, and, in the end, we celebrate the graduation of 14 PPCT DT Instructors (8 in this photo and 6 in a previous photo/I know what you're thinking: Why the helll didn't you just take one good picture with all 14? I don't know. Search me.).


I had the privelege of training these 4 Taikwando Instructors and teachers in Disruptive Student Management (PPCT DSM Instructor Program) this July (2009). (L to R) Sensei/Teacher Anne Douglas, Angela Rineer; Shannon Metsger, and co-owner/Sensei of ATA American Taikwando Association) Martial Arts in Manheim, Pa., Lauren Minnich. Instructor Rineer is a National Nunchuck champion and Metsger a state champ. Douglas is a teacher in the Reading school district with some remarkable experiences.

Chris Connolly and Brooke Lininger, a Police Officer at Stroudsburg University attended and graduated my PPCT SHARP Instructor Program this past March/2009

Here I am pictured recently with my lovely daughter Rachel.

Graduates of my June, 2009 PPCT DT Instructor Training Seminar, hosted by the Saint Clair, Pa. Police Dep;t. Bottom Row, L to R:
Training Officerf Ken Brown, Lebanon County Prison; Eldon Miller, Bedford County Probation Dept.; Officer Ken Jacoby, Schuylkill Haven PD; Chad "Zinger" Seitzinger, Saint Clair Police Dept. Back Row, L to R: Davikd Salzlein, Scotland Memorial Hospital , Lewinsberg, North Carolina; James Myers, YTI-Altoona; Officer Steven Geurs, Pottsville Bureau of Police; Host Officer Bill Dempsey, Saint Clair PD; and the dynamic duo of Officer Larry Gausch, Cumru Twp. PD and Wayne Moreland, Muhlenberg Twp. PD.

Graduates of the May, 2009 PPCT DT Instructor Academy held at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa. L to R,Bottom fRow: Moore Twp PD Deputy Chief James Cavallo; Host Officer Anthony Gallagher, Lehigh U PD; Joseph Corter and Dominica Nicolosi, Northampton County Adult Probation Dept.
Second Row, L to R: Officers Moses Miller and Jason Gerstner, City of Bethlehem Police Dept.; Bangor School District Police Officer Nick Timar; Eric Smith, Lehigh UPD and Jason cameron, Pike County Deputy Sheriff.

Pictured with the Old Hammer is his daughter and Action Fighting Arts WebMaster, Shana Lee Albert.

My first training of 2009, a PPCT DT Instructor Recert: Pictured from left to right: Calvin Siegfried (holding training shotgun); Christian Meehand and EB Bud Shull, all of the Wilson Borough Police Department, and, holding Training Shotgun - Brian Kirchner of the Bethlehem (Pa) Police Dept. The program was hosted by Siegfried, the skilled and capable Firearms Officer and Training Coordinator of the WBPD

Decmber 11, 2008 at the Lancaster Pubic Safety Training Center in Manheim, Pa. .Graduates of my PPCT SHARP (Sexual Harassment Assault and Rape Prevention) Instructor Training Seminar, pictured Left to right in back row:are Matt Brynner, Lancaster County Probation; Vince Jones, Pa. Network of Victim Assistance, Jamison, Pa.; Andrew Hinkel, LC Adult Probation; and Sam Crawford, Chief Training Officer, Wesley College, Dover Delaware. Seated in the front row (L to R) are Joe Schauren and Elizabeth Faschnacht, Lancaster County Adult Probation Services; Anne Douglas, a Reading Area Marftial Arts Instructor and secondary school teacher, and Joseph MacLaughlin, a veteran Franklin County (Chambersburg) Probation Officer

Pictured at the conclusion of an arduous week of both PPCT Spontaneous Knife (SKD) and Ground Avoidance and Ground Escapes (GAGE) Instructor training are the 23 officers who earned their instructor certifications at the Delaware Association of Police Lodge Academy site the week of November 17, 2008. I am kneeling on the extreme left of the first row. Seminar was hosted by Training Coordinator Albert Hicks of the Wilmington (Delaware) PD and actively headed by lead trainer Joseph

A crisp palm heel strike can stop a high tackle attempt in its tracks as Wilmington PD Officer Donohue illustrates.

Course, a crisp palm heel strike deserves to be followed up with a crisp Inside Takedown, don't you think?

Is this the face of a warrior getting set to take care of business, or what?

Tactically Perfect. Warrior Mindset. Wilmington, Delaware.

I am impressed. These Delaware Men knoweth what they doeth!

PPCT DT INSTRUCTOR SEMINAR at the outstanding Lancaster County Emergency Services Training Center in Manheim, Pa. Pictured here just before instructor certificates are handed out are (Front Row, L to R) Jim Miller, Springettsbury Twp PD; Joe Schauren, Lancaster Co/ Probation; Erica Benner, Centre County Correctional Inst.; Ed Bruder, Director, York College; David Bolton, Lancaster County Depoty Sheriff and John DiBattista, City of Lancaster Police Officer..
In the back row Kevin Fry, Sgt. Jarrad Berkhizer and Steve Owens, City of Lancaster PD; Mike Hodge of the NSA, Baltimore, Md.and P.O. Andrew Hinkel out of Lancaster County.

PPCT DT Instructor Re-certification Training Seminar - Bucks County PA
Pictures outside Harry McCann's fabulous Bucks County Emergency Services Training Center on this beautulf day on September 24, 2008 are the graduates of my PPCT DT Instructor Re-certification Training Seminar, including:
Back Row (L to R): City of Lancaster Officer James Carpenter; Springfield Twp Officer Michael McDonald; City of Bethlehem Officers and Bruise Brothers Jason Fulmer and Christopher Benton. Front Row (L to R): Lancaster Officer Michael Bradley, who fought through pain from a broken rib to finish the training;Falls Township Officer Bryan White; Easton Police Detective Tom Beiser; IT Hammer; and US Supreme Court Officer Slick Ethan Flick, out of Washington D.C.
Officer Benton, Fulmer and Flick went on to earn their GAGE Recertification over the next two days. Northampton County Priobation Officer Bernard "Big Burn" Mikulski - not pictured here because he took this photo - also earned his GAGE Recertification. All 4 officers earned perfect scores.

My inaugural training of 2008 this January (DT Instructor Recertification) at the Pike County Correctional Institution in beautiful Lord's Valley, Pa. (L to R) Joe Shappert; Robert Serrano; Tom Schwartz; Lt. Todd Schweyer and New York Import, Peter Brady. These 5 vofficers are responsible for all Use Of Force Training at the institution. Yours Truly stands with Practice Baton in hand at the very end.

Pike County Prison Training Staff in some post-training hyjinks. Makes me wonder what these guys would do if they had real weapons?

Harry and Sandy Wigder of Action Fighting Arts
Here your friendly neighborhood AFA Director and his lovely Executive Assistant Sandy toasts everone in their wonderful Action Fighting Arts Family from barside at the Clarion Inn in Ocean City, Maryland. Wish y'all could join us.

Ferguson Township PD Training
Pictured outside of the Ferguson Township PD Training and Conference Center on a gorfgeous Happy Valley Day in May of 2008 (PPCT DT Instructor Recert) are Officers Josh Garver; Chris Kaniecki;Eric Norman; Scoot Siegfried and Michael Charles (Back Row, L to R).
In the front (L to R) are Tim Stringer, Host Officer, FTPD; Bo Trawitz; Marty Bubb and IT Hammer (me) in the red cap.
What a fun and skilled bunch of guys.

Officer Tim Wuttke at DT Instructor Training
One of Nesquehonikng's Finest, Officer Tim Wuttke, pictured here at the end of his DT Instructor Training in late 2007.

Probation and Parole Officers from the Pittsburgh Area at their DT Recert (4/08). David Meyers, Somerset; Lisa Elliott, Allegheny County; Bernard Smith, Mercer; Tim Wolfe, Pittsburgh and Terry Marks, McKeesport.

My Aunt Mimi on her 94th Birthday. Amazing woman.

DT RECERT at the Berks County Fire Academy in April, 2008, B ernard Big Burn Mikulski, Tina Marinari,Ryan Hoover, Matt Garner, Nathan Fazenbaker ,Joe MacLaughlin, Mark Gabonay and Kneeling is Charlie Tombasco. Group pictured with various training "weapons."

I took this photo right after the SKD and GAGE Recert Class of March 17-19-2008 at the Lancaster Co. LETC. Rear Row (L to r) are Rodney Brown and Cumru Twp. Officer Carl Britt. From Row, L to R, are Fran The Man Presley, Mark "Deuce" Rettew and Acker (The Attacker).

Even though there were only 4, what a GAGE Instructor Class. Very physical and a great learning experience, thanks to Kayla Etheridge and Chad Wood of the US Customs and Border Protection, Advanced Training Division in Harpers Ferry, Wva (the two officer on the right). Joe MacLaughlin (far left) and David Meyers round out this class (DT/SKD, April, 2008, Ferguson Twp PD, State College, Pa.

Big Sam Esposito, Director Bryan Warren, Antoine Anderson and Martial Artist Scott Buff excelled at this PPCT DT and VPM Instructor Seminar at the Carolina Health Care Security Division Training Center in Charlotte, North Carolina (March 3 to 8, 2008).

Dr. Brian Krause, Lansing, Michigan, Jennifer Larsen, Self Defense Trainer from Samford, Connecticut, and Hospital Security Specialist, David Berger, Cincinnati, Ohio, pictured here at the conclusion of this February, 2008 Violent P:atient Management (VPM) Instructor Program at Harry McCann's BCLETC.

Washington County Officers Dan Clements and JT Ridge prepare for Handgun Retention Training.

Joe Carlini PPCT
Newly certified PPCT DT Instructors from the September, 2007 class of Chester County (Pa) Probation Officers take a break from one of their trainings to pose with their Deputy Chief (standing) Joe Carlini this past November (07).

PPCT Instructor Training Chester County, PA
Chester County (Pa.) Probation/Parole Officers and graduates of the September 17 to 21, 2007 PPCT DT Instructor Certification Training Seminar held in West Chester, Pa. Gotta be tough-minded and committed to manage the mean-streets of Chester, Pa. and surroundings.

Back Row, Left to Right: John "Johnny Be Goode" Morton; Big Bruce McClure; Mark Gonsalves; Kristen "KB" Brown and Jim Bean (turned sideways).
Front Row, Left to Right: Mark Dinger; Yours Truly; and Leslie Manriquez.

The mighty women of my latest Self Defense For Women class at Northampton Community College, pictured here on August 1, 2007. Mere minutes before this picture, we took part in Red Man (protective gear - picture below) Combat Drills and several hit me so hard with piercing knee strikes, Hammer Strikes and Palm Heel Strikes that I ended up on the ground, and in at least two counterattacks I was stunned into near submission.

Here I am just moments before getting pummeled unmercifully and relentlessly by my August 1, 2007 Self Defense For Women class. My last thought after five consecutive "Marching Knee Strikes" to my Solar Plexus and stomach was: "I gotta get me some better protective gear!"

Here is my second COMET-KIDS (COMbat, Escape & Evasion Techniques for KIDS) class at NCC. This class ran from 6/18 to 6/21/07. This class was filled with beautiful, energetic and promising youngsters who learned basic self defense techniques against attacks from bullies, gang-bangers and adult predators. The skills included fundamentals such as: Tactical Breathing; Controlling Your Space; Verbal De-Escalation; Tactical Movement; the Basic Thai Kickboxing Blocking System; Basic Balance Displacement Moves; Hand, Arm and Leg Strikes; Handgun Disarming and more.

Jonny Zito, pictured above 3rd from the left, assisted with the training of this class.

From L to R, Front Row: Tyler, Anna and Mariah.
L-R, Back Row: Anna, "Hurrican Katrina," Jonny "Planet Z" Zito (Co-Instructor); Ondria; "Strong-Puncher Steven;" Joseph ( "Don't Ever Call Me Joey") and his brother William.

Co-Instructor Jonny "Planet" Zito poses with "Hurricane" Katrina, undoubtably one of the most powerful strikers in any of my classes so far. As you can easily see, we taught "Handgun Disarming" that day, along with so much more.

June, 2007 PPCT DT Instructor Seminar
Graduating Officers from the June, 2007 PPCT DT Instructor Seminar at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center directed by Craig Elmer. I enjoy every training experience, which is why I keep doing this in my mid-60's, so I probably will never say a class is my "favorite class." yet, this class featured awesome technique mastery by Jace Parmer, Christopher Laser, Gary Purfield, Ken Eberle and Brian Guarnieri. Diminutive Sherry Struble displayed good "Instructor Speed Form" and most of the others won my admiration by struggling early and then coming through with a passing score at the end. Purfield earned a free PPCT Instructor Shirt with one of only 5 perfect Written and Practical Test Scores since I retired in May of 2004.

(L to R, Front Row) Sensei Ken Eberle, Family Martial Arts; Off. Brian Guanieri, Lower Paxton Township PD; Chester Co. Juvenile P.O. Gary Purfield; Me, your friendly neighborhood IT(in red cap); Sherry Struble, Centre County C.O. and Scott Rood, Franklin and Marshal U. Public Safety Officer.
(Middle Row, L to R) Lancaster County Adult P.O.'s Elizabeth Fasnecht and Rosie Feliciano with City of Lancaster Police Officer Christopher Laser on their left flank.
(Rear Row, L to R)
Big Matthew Bryner, Lancaster County Adult Probation Officer; Power-Striker Jason Parmer, Manheim Township Police Officer; Dale Dommel, Hospital Security and Charles Zimmerman, Centre County Correction Officer.

The May, 2007 "Comet-Kids" (Self defense For Teens) class at NCC. My first-ever such class and a lot of great fun and self-defense training.

Here I am posing shamelessly with my first-ever "COMET-KIDS (Combat, Escape & Evasion Techniques for Kids)" class conducted at Northampton Community College, May of 2007. This might be one of the cutest gathering of tough-kids ever. I had so much fun teaching this.

That's me, in my favorite baseball cap, proudly pictured between two Wilson Boro Police Officers (Easton, Pa.) - E.B. "Bud" Shull, a DT, GAGE and now DSM Instructor, on my right and John Mazzeo, S.W.A.T., Firearms and now DSM Instructor on my left. Both officers pictured after receiving their DSM Instructor Certificates (4/5/07). Shull, along with Bernie Mikulski, an outstanding DT, GAGE and DSM Instructor from Northampton County Probation, won a PPCT Instructor Shirt for scoring a rare "perfect 100%" score on both the Written and Practical Tests.

Seen above are the 8 graduates of my PPCT Disruptive Student Management(DSM) Instructor Training Seminar held in March, 2007 at the Northampton County Community College Southside (Bethlehem) Campus. This team of 8 instructors will be delivering DSM certification trainings for teachers, police, Resource Officers, et al. in one of the first programs of its kind in the U.S.A. designed to manage and overcome student violence.
Front Row, Left To Right: E.B. "Bud" Shull, Wilson Boro PD; David Strawn, City of Bethlehem P.D.; John Mazzeo, Wilson Boro P.D.; Thomas Barnowski, Director of Emergency Services Training, Northampton County Community College.
Back Row, Left To Right: Bernard "Big Burn" Mikulski, Northampton County Probation Dept.; Christopher Benton; Joseph G. Gross and Jason Fulmer, City of Bethlehem P.D.

The Warrior Graduates of the October, 2006 PPCT GAGE Instructor Seminar held at the Wilson Borough Community Center in Easton, Pa. Back Row, Left-To-Right are: Bud Shull, Wilson Borough PD; David Lembach, Palmer Twp. PD; Todd Lehman, Palmer Twp PD; Kelly "KC" Chapman, Schuylkill County Adult Probation; David Wright, a DT Instructor Trainer, Pittsburgh PD; Co-Instructor Bernie "Big Burn" Mikulski, Northampton County Probation Dept.; Dean Benner, Colonial Regional PD and David Marino, Bushkill Twp. PD.
Front Row, Left To Right: CJ Begansky, Schuylkill County Probation; Host and Coordinating Officer Calvin "Cal" Siegfried; Bo Trawitz, Mifflin County Probation and Michael Charles, also of Mifflin County Probation and Parole.

The Formidable graduates of the PPCT DT Instructor Seminar, held at HACC in Harrisburg, Pa. in March, 2006. At the very top is Marlene "Marty" Jarbeck, PSU Police, and maybe the toughest of the officers, pound for pound. Top Row, left to right: Scott Kerstetter, Union County Probation; Jeff "Blaze" Blaisdell, Colonial Williamsburg (Va.) PD; Tom Moser, Manor Twp PD; Craig Bousman, Orestes, Indiana PD; Brett Brown, Centre County Correctional Facility.
2nd Row, L to R: Steven Russell, Union County Probation; Stephan Resser, HACC Instructor; Dennis Pletz, Pa. Constable; Ryan Valentine, Elizabethtown College Security; Thomas Bloom, Centre County Correctional facility; James "Jamie" Miller, Springettsbury Twp. PD and Chad Gieser, Nuclear Security, Monticello, Minnesota.
Bottom Row, L to R: Michael Ott, Lebanon County Prison; Yours Truly and Chester County Juvenile Probation Officer Scott Berger.
Dan Solla, an outstanding and highly reputed Instructor Trainer and a veteran peace officer, co-instructed this seminar and took this photo. Dan was very impressed, as was I, with "the solid work ethic and the furious commitment to excellence this class displayed---"

This was easily the largest and most diverse of all my PPCT Instructor Seminars, but the Host Officer, Calvin Siegfried of the Wilson Borough PD did such an outstanding job, this course went very smoother than most. Of the 16 graduates of this PPCT DT Instructor Seminar, these officers hung around long enough after passing the exams to join in a class photo and to go out to lunch together at Shruty's Pub, a Wilson Boro Sports Bar.
Rear Row, Left to right: Officer Ethan Flick, Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC; John Kempter, Fernwood Public Safety Dept., Bushkill, Pa.; Officers Christian Meehan and E.B. "Bud" Shull, Wilson Borough PD; Christopher Walker, Resistance Control NZ, New Zealand and Officer David Marino, Bushkill Twp. PD., Nazareth, Pa. Front Row, right to left: Officer Gregory Outten, Colonial Williamsburg PD., Virginia; Host Officer Calvin Siegfried, Wilson Borough PD; Officer Jamison Gilbert, Kwajalzin PD, somewhere far out in the Pacific and Jennifer Larsen, Lighthouse International Law Enforcement and Martial Arts Training, Stamfort, Connecticut. Many others not pictured here graduated from the program, including Officer Joseph Kizer, Nazareth PD; Officer Brian Kirchner, Bethlehem Township PD; Officers Jason Fulmer and Christopher Benton of the Bethlehem PD; Falls Township officer Bryan White and Charles Meek of ISP Security.

They may be a little out of focus, but these outstanding officers and Health Care Professionals just graduated with honors from the PPCT Violent Patient Management Instructor Seminar, which ended on February 9, 2006 at Harry McCann's Bucks County Law Enforcement Training Academy. They are (left to right, rear row) Nathan Boudreau, Manchester (New Hampshire) PD; Michael McDonald, Springfield (Bucks Co., Pa.) Township P.D. and Instructor Trainer Wigder. (Front Row, Right to left) James Sizemore and HCP Darlene Sizemore of Anchorage, Alaska; Thomas Gallagher and Brandon Murphy of the Manchester (N.H.) P.D. This was my (IT Wigder) first PPCT VPM Instructor Seminar and it was highly successful mainly because of the skills and patience of the fine Manchester and Springfield Twp. officers who assisted some of the students who were experiencing some problems with a technique or two.

Action Fighting Arts proudly presents its last instructor seminar class photo of 2005, a PPCT SHARP course (12/12 to 12/14/05), hosted by the Ephrata Boro PD. Many officers in this class performed some of the techniques better than the Instructor Trainer. Warrior graduates included: Back Row, Left to Right: Air Marshal Raymond Lucas; Springfield Twp Officer Michael McDonald; Ephrata Boro Officer Tim "Cutter" Ebersole; Lancaster County Adult Probation Officers Rodney Brown; Mark "Deuce" Rettew and Fran "The Man" Presley. Front Row, Left to Right: Ehrata Boro Officers Patricia Bright and Michelle Krizan, followed by Lancaster County Probation Officer Jennifer Walker. IT Harry "The Hammer" Wigder (holding red hat) is bracketed on his right by Hard-Hitting Jennifer Larsen, an instructor from Stamford, Connecticut, and Host Officer, Sgt. Chris McKim, Ephrata Boro PD. In an awesome display of commitment to excellence, all four Lancaster County Probation Officers scored perfect scores on both the written and practical exams. Joining them with perfect scores were McKim and Lucas. I am not resorting to hyperbole when I state that Patricia Bright crushed me off my feet with a perfect and vicious Angle Kick from Level 2 1/2 and Law Enforcement Instructor Jennifer Larsen pounded me into submission with a series of brutal and relentless Front Kicks.

Graduates of the November, 2005 SKD Instructor Seminar
Back Row, left to right - Michael Gerace, Lancaster Police Department; IT Harry Wigder; Phillip Groff, Manheim Borough Police Dept.; Jason Zahm, Lancaster Police Dept. and Fran Presley, Lancaster County Probation.
This class of standout law enforcement officers distinguished themselves by picking up the close quarter survival techniques faster than any previous class.

The Women Warriors who completed my Self Defense For Women course at the Northampton County Area Community College on October 27, 2005.

The Women Warriors who completed my Self Defense For Women course at the Northampton County Area Community College on October 27, 2005.

Proud Warriors Graduate:
PPCT IT and Action Fighting Arts founder Harry Wigder (in middle in red baseball cap) is proud to have worked with and certified this small; but formidable Ground Avoidance and Ground Escapes (GAGE) class of new PPCT Instructors at Pete Valentino's famed 84 Fitness Center in Eighty Four (Washington County), Pa.

Front Row, from left to right: Officer Gerald Maloni, Peters Township PD; IT Wigder (red hat); Jon T Ridge, Washington County Probation and Parole Supervisor (and Director of Security- Star Lake Ampitheater) and Officer James Hanna, Canonsburg PD.
Back Row, left to right: Tim Wolfe, Parole Agent, Pittsburgh District, Pa. Board of Probation and Parole and Officer James Stevick, Peters Township Police Department.
Maloni, Ridge, Hanna, Wolfe and Stevick also re-certified as PPCT DT Instructors during this 4-day dual seminar.

And here I am with the proud graduates from the PPCT
Defensive Tactics Instructor Seminar
, held from September 13 to 17, 2004 in Ephrata, Pa. Graduates include,
from left to right, front row:
Graeme Quinn, Ephrata Boro PD; Kevin Stoltzfus, Asst. Director, Office of Public Safety, F & M University; Officer Martin Greg Yarbrough, East Earl Twp. PD; Harry Wigder, PPCT IT; Probation Officer Michael Hayes, Scranton Dept. of Probation & Parole; Officer Josh Kilgore, Warwick Twp. PD.Second Row (left to right): Probation Officer Craig Cook, Lebanon County Adult Probation & Parole; Probation Officer Dawn Redensky, Lebanon Co. Probation & Parole; Officer Dale Ebersole, West Earl Twp. PD; P.O. Erika McNany, Butler County Probation & Parole; Officer Timothy Ebersole, Ephrata Boro PD; Officer Richard Rhinier, Warwick Twp PD and Officer Chris McKim, Ephrata Boro PD.

The proud graduates of the March 16, 2004 Spontaneous Knife Defense Certification Class, each one valued Skill Bank Staff of the Pa. Board of Probation & Parole,
including, from left to right:
Ernie Criscitello, Altoona; Fast Tom Janocko, SCI-Coal Township; Bill Haslego, Norristown/Retired; Matthew Garner, Staff Safety Training Unit; Bobby Kemper, Special Projects; Michael Skiba, Mercer; Robert Martinez, Norristown and Mark Carey, Philadelphia. I am kneeling in the center of this skilled and committed graduate class.