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Special Note for Employers and Conference Organizers:

Is your organization looking for personal or professional safety seminars? Instructor Use of Force programs that can maximize the safety of all your employees, tighten up your security, and give your organization the best in courtroom defensibility? Action Fighting Arts will provide compelling, interesting and state-of-the-art workshops, seminars and training programs that, in today's treacherous world an not be overlooked. Look into AFA's stimulating and evocative (PPCT) instructor certification programs that are reasonable in cost and can run anywhere from 1 to 5 days, providing your agency with highly researched training that is not only court defensible, AFA offers numerous seminars, workshops and training, including, but not limited to:

  • School Violence
  • Disruptive Student Management
  • Office Safety
  • Secretarial Safety
  • Self Defense for Women
  • Survival Fitness
  • Counter-Terrorism (in the Workplace
  • Use of Force Report Writing
  • Violent Patient Management
  • Inmate Control Techniques
  • De-Escalation and Management of Aggression
  • Ground Avoidance and Ground Escapes (GAGE)
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense (SKD)
  • Survival Lesson Plans (Survival Legal Encounters)
  • Instructor Courses available in GAGE; SKD; DSM; VPM; DT; Weapon Retention; Straight and Collapsible Baton and other



Workshops and Seminars

Training Courses are available for groups of all sizes: Instructor Certification and other self defense and subject control courses involving one-on-one personal training as well as some for as many as 25 students. Non-instructor courses of as many as 50 students are not uncommon, especially for courses not involving intensive physical combat and/or interaction.

The following are some of my Workshops:

  • TACTICAL HANDCUFFING: This is a relatively new two-day PPCT Instructor Training Seminar designed for law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, security and military personnel who wish to both master the tactical aspects of handcuffing and earn an instructor certification in relatively quick time. Tactical Handcuffing is also available as a non-instructor program. Interested officers will be taken through training drills and exercises in Strongside and Weakside (cuffing) in all aspects of this crucial art, including, but not limited to: Standing; Kneeling; Seated and Prone Handcuffing with interesting and challenging scenarios in all four aspects. All arrests must end in the safe and effective handcuffing of the subject, making mastering handcuffing a crucial component of his or her survival motor skills.

  • Management of Workplace Violence I & II: Action Fighting Arts addresses all cogent Workplace Violence issues in this unique, aggressive and comprehensive training program. Managing Workplace Violence designed for those public and private corporations most impacted by violence, including every type of school, law enforcement related agencies, drug and alcohol rehabilitation (residential and out-patient) programs, those agencies doing direct business with the public (retail), and private corporations. More Info...

  • Self Defense For Women: A comprehensive hands-on training for women featuring easy-to-learn skills in threat recognition, environmental awareness and close quarter fighting. All skills and techniques are simple and practical, designed to work off the natural startle response and take attackers by surprise.

  • Self Defense Techniques and Intervention Concepts For Kids [STICK] (ages 6 to 15)
    A comprehensive awareness and self defense training program for boys and girls, ages 6 to 15. This program can be in a seminar or full scale training program format involving a methodology continuum ranging from valuable, effective and fun self defense training to concepts of intervention and interdiction designed to thwart the sophisticated adult abductor. Parents and other relatives are invited.

  • Bouncers, Bounty Hunters and Beyond:
    • Bouncer Training: This comprehensive survival skills course is designed for the security specialist who must deal with the "brain damaged" patron(s) who is under the influence of any number of elements, including substance(s), peer pressure, rage, adrenaline, emotional/mental dysfunction and/or any number of others. This is a must for bouncers and other entertainment security specialists in today's litigious society. This course teaches crucial court defensible techniques in the management of aggression, including (verbal) de-escalation techniques; effective and safe separation skills; escort and removal; crowd control; PPCT Defensive Countermeasures; PPCT Joint Locks and takedowns; the Shoulder Pin Restraint System (PPCT); appropriate intermediate weapons and other crucial intervention techniques upon request. Each security specialist's situation is different and the course design is flexible enough to adjust the skills and techniques to meet the demands of the job.
    • Bounty Hunter Training: Bounty Hunters of the 21st Century are more vulnerable to legal actions and physical attacks than ever before. This course, then, researched, designed and presented by a man with over 33 years experience in law enforcement- many of those years retrieving desperate and dangerous fugitives - is a comprehensive and intense clinic on hunting down and bringing in the most violent and cunning fugitives.

      Bounty Hunters will expand their mastery and skills in bringing elusive fugitives to justice in a legally (court defensible), medically (researched to be safe & non-excessive) and tactically (the techniques will work under combat stress) acceptable system. Course topics will include, among others: Retrieval Strategies; Building & Room Entries; Management of High-Intensity Light; Verbal De-Escalation Skills; Tactical Handcuffing; Combat Handcuffing; Pressure Point Control; Close Quarter Combat Techniques; Defensive Countermeasures; the Impact Weapon(s); the Shoulder Pin Restraint System; Weapon Retention; Ground Avoidance & Ground Escapes.

  • PPCT S.H.A.R.P. (Sexual Harassment Assault and Rape Prevention) Instructor Certification: Graduates of this three-day course will be certified to instruct this course and also to instruct a Self defense For Women course. Learn how to diffuse sexual harassment in the workplace. Become a master of deflecting low level physical aggression and to thwart high level aggression against women.

  • Security Staff Techniques for Managing Aggression: SSTMA is designed for security personnel who have to deal with the public in chaotic situations, such as rock concerts, night clubs, barrooms, political and other high profile public events where the public is likely to be intoxicated or in an unruly emotional state. Mainstays of this program are verbal de-escalation techniques; leverage takedowns, distraction techniques, all designed to short circuit (weaken) and manage aggression with the least chance or injury and the highest possibility of a successful outcome for security staff.

  • PPCT Instructor Certification Training Programs: Law enforcement agencies looking to reduce vicarious liability and maximize courtroom defensibility by training officers in all components of the Use of Force Continuum (preclusion) have to look no further than this site. Instructor trainings in Defensive Tactics; Pressure Points; Weapon Retention and Disarming; Spontaneous Knife Defense; Ground Avoidance and Ground Escapes (GAGE); Sexual Harassment Assault and Rape Prevention (SHARP); Dynamic Simulations; Straight Baton and the Collapsible Baton are available at reasonable costs.

  • PPCT Disruptive Student Management( Instructor Certification): Verbal, psychological and decisive physical skills designed to help teachers and other school staff defuse school violence in a complex and delicate legal environment. Let AFA bolster your court defensibility by certifying your staff as DSM instructors.

  • PPCT Violent Patient Management (Instructor Certification): The medical environment, whether it be in a home during an EMS or Crisis Intervention visit, emergency room, psychiatric ward, or clinic, can be an unpredictable, volatile and violent situation. Drugs, medication, pain and fear can all be triggers to an attack. This course will school medical personnel on de-escalation techniques; threat recognition and effective PPCT countermeasures that will, in the great majority of situations, repel attacks in a tactically, medically and legally defensible way.

  • PPCT VPM Instructor Course: Medical facilities and agencies can reduce vucarious liability and professionalism by refining the way their staff(s) respond to violent attacks by having staff members certify as Violent Patient Management Instructors.

  • PPCT Ground Avoidance and Ground Escapes (GAGE) Instructor Certification: The ideal modern instructor certification training for law enforcement personnel. About 80% of all resistance goes to the ground. Experts know that is where the Bad Guy wants the fight to go. Become a Ground Fighter. Learn how to avoid going to the ground, but, if you do, hit the ground and get "medieval!" These techniques are counter-terrorism based.

  • PPCT Dynamic Simulation Instructor Certification: This course certifies officers as instructors in planning, designing and effectively running realistic scenarios for law enforcement officers in a training setting.

  • PPCT Holstered and Drawn Weapon Retention and Disarming Instructor Certification: This 1 1/2 day course will certify you to teach officers how to maintain their firearm against violent deadly force attacks by predators who aim to kill your officer(s) if they are able to wrest the guns away. This course teaches effective strategies against drawn weapon attacks as well as front and rear hostage situations where a "Bad Guy" is holding a firearm on the officer.

  • PPCT Straight and/or Collapsible Baton Instructor Certification Course: Offers effective skills and techniques against violent assaults from close quarters. Covers legal, medical and tactical issues regarding baton and Impact Weapon System use. Course teaches effective strikes and blocks, footwork and liability issues.

  • PPCT Escape and Evasion Instructor Certification Training: Escape and Evasion is the perfect training for probation, parole, correction and security officers as well as health care professionals, teachers and social workers who lack the authority to use force and who carry no intermediate or lethal weapons but are nevertheless charged with the responsibility of managing disruptive and aggressive people. E and E combines ingenious Principles Of Avoidance with a cluster of precise Pressure Point Control Tactics, Passive Releases and Escapes, Defensive Counterstrikes and techniques in handgun and long gun disarming to enable officers as well as citizens to escape and evade aggression in all its forms in a fashion designed to create maximum efficiency with a minimal chance of injury.


Action Fighting Arts
Located in Northeast, Pa. Flexible training sites - will travel to your site anywhere in United States or will provide relevant use of force trainings and instructor certification trainings at one of several host sites located throughout, Pa. Call 484-225-6814.